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RE: Minimum Reinforcing in CMU

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If you are subject to the MJSC (masonry code), then it will kind of depend on which method you use for calcing the wall out...ASD or Strength.  For Strength design, while not a "direct" minimum reinforcement, section (2005 MSJC) is effectively a minimum reinforcement level.  There is no equivalent in the ASD chapter from what I recall (at least in the 2005 edition).
Otherwise, it would only be if the IBC modified it with something (I still have not gotten around to getting a 2006 IBC) or if you fell under prescriptive requirements of the seismic stuff.
Adrian, MI

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Subject: Minimum Reinforcing in CMU

I am doing a deep  basement wall for a residence in a SDC C.  It appears that the minimum reinforcing of .0020 with .0007 minimum only comes into play when you are in an SDC D.  The basement is a bit much for an 8” CMU wall and the next size in this area that is used is 12” CMU.  I only need #5’s at 24” o.c. in the 12” CMU which is a little less that the .0013 that would be required for the principle reinforcing.  I’m pretty sure I’m o.k. since I am not in an SDC D and in addition I don’t even need to consider seismic for a residence in an SDC C.  Am I missing anything?



Joe Grill


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