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RE: IT question

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Hi Gautam


I was unable to pinpoint the root cause of the rampant CPU usage by Outlook
and IExplore, however, I have now upgraded to Office 2007 and, for now, the
issue seems to have gone away.


Of note is that the issue seemed to have occurred about the time I started
synchronizing my HTC cell device but I can't be sure.  I have also graduated
to a Blackberry so the possibility of a virus coming through the Windows OS
on the HTC may also have been averted ...


If it re-occurs, I'll post to the list.


Thanks to everyone for the suggestions.


Thor A. Tandy P.Eng, C.Eng, Struct.Eng, MIStructE
Victoria, BC



From: Gautam Manandhar [mailto:Gautam_Manandhar(--nospam--at)] 
Sent: Monday, March 16, 2009 3:17 PM
To: seaint(--nospam--at)
Subject: RE: IT question




Just wondering if you solved your computer problem with the high CPU usage.
As I had mentioned, I too had a problem similar to yours and got around the
problem by killing the program sucking up the CPU from the task manager.
Last Monday, the problem (or the virus) got the upper hand.  I could not log
on to my computer as the virus - I am presuming that is what it was -
changed the log in password (I have Norton Antivirus running full time).  I
had to rebuild the system- it was a pain.  I was lucky that the virus did
not corrupt the data file. I was able to use another operating system (G-OS)
to boot up and retrieve the data from the hard drive.


Gautam, SE



From: Thor Tandy [mailto:vicpeng(--nospam--at)] 
Sent: Monday, March 02, 2009 2:15 PM
Subject: IT question


This is not structural,however, I have a weird computer problem that eludes


During a recent webcast I found that I kept losing internet connectivity.  I
blamed the webcaster and then Norton but that was not the case.


1)  When I am in Outlook my CPU usage climbs to 65%+.  It often peaks to
100% at which time it gags.  Problem only exists when using Outlook and/or


2)  When I go online, browsing etc it climbs to 30%+ but often not high at


3)  FTP/data/download transfers not significantly high unless I move about
the browser.


4)  Problem slows my keystrokes and everything so I can't keep the email on.
Even as I type now the usage is at 70% ...


Does anyone have insight into what is happening in Outlook and/or IExplorer
to cause this?  I blamed Norton because I don't have this problem on other
machines I have that don't have Norton but I uninstalled Norton and the
symptom persisted.


I am thinking of doing a re-build ... but I don't have the time at the
moment for that.




Thor A. Tandy P.Eng, C.Eng, Struct.Eng, MIStructE
Victoria, BC

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