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One of my customers insisted on buying Chinese steel so I had to use it. The yield strength is only 34 ksi (for the steel he was using) so the savings may not be as good as it looks to the guy just buying on price alone. Their W shapes are not the same as North American shapes (or European also) so you can't compare them on price per pound basis either. The publications (that were given to me) on their steel are not as informative as ours, i.e. no J, Z, Cw, just area, mom of inertia, section modulus, depth, width and thicknesses.

Personally, I wouldn't buy any of their stuff based on personal experience - too many junky products. Back in the 70's, Hodgson Custom Rolling (my brother's company) had a big job rolling a lot of W shapes. Every so often one these beams would snap and you could hear it in the office 75 ft away. The steel came from Canada, the USA, Japan and occasionally Europe - no Chinese steel then. The fewest number of breakages were Canadian, then American, then European and Japanese. I am sure everybody has improved their steel since then, but I suspect that the Chinese steel today would be at end of the list. And Canada has stopped making wide flanges.
Hope this is helpful.

bill(--nospam--at) wrote:

We've got an overseas job (so "Buy American" isn't an issue) where they're contemplating using structural steel from the Peoples' Republic of China.

I'd like to know if anyone has any direct or indirect experience with use of Chinese-made steel. And please, I'm not looking for hearsay (heck, I could contribute that myself), but actual anecdotal evidence of problems (or sucesses) with its use. Specific details would be a plus.

I know that a lot of foreign-made steel was problematic in the past, and I also know that the PRC hasn't got the best rep regarding quality control for a wide range of manufactured goods in the very recent past.

But what I'm looking for is solid information.

Thanks in advance.

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