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re: looking up seismic accelerations

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Hi Rich:

Thank you for the efforts and sharing this interesting tool with us.
However one question comes to mind. The USGS site, updates its data on a regular basis.
For example, we recently had a DSA (Division of State Arch) College project that by the time it came back from plan check review, the seismic design values of Ss and S1, which we previously acquired through USGS site, had already been updated and changed. This was within a couple of months period.
Therefore, DSA agency in these situations requires the structrual engineer to use the new values for seismic design.

If this website is "independent" and is not using the values through USGS tool (Java Ground Motion Parameter Calculator), how would you manage to stay current and keep your outputs up-to-date?
Thank you
Khashayar "Casey" Hemmatyar, SE

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Subject: looking up seismic accelerations

Hello list,
I put together this webpage for looking up seismic accelerations by
punching in an address.  I had something similar years ago, but it was
'mashed-up' with the USGS site and when they changed their site, mine
stopped working.  This new version is independent and - if I do say so
myself - turned out pretty darn good.

the website is at:

some day I might add some of those Google ads just to help pay for it,
but it's free and easy to use.


Rich Kipke, PE

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