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Re: "It's not in our culture"

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You sound like some architects I have worked with...  This attitude doesn't necessarily explain why that new hospital (ca. 2000 A.D.) failed...  It may have been designed correctly, but materials and construction may have been "substandard."

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You need to realize that many buildings in these towns were 1000-years old or more. Renovations to these structures would damage the charm and would be expensive.
Italians know the seismic risk and can chose to accept them.

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As reported by AP/ENR, an Italian government official stated that  "It's not in our culture to construct buildings the right way in a quake zone - that is, build buildings that can resist (quakes) and retrofit old ones. This has never been done."

They say you get a mule to do what you want by first getting its attention by hitting it on the head with a 2x4.  I would think that had already been done in Italy's case, by past devastating earthquakes, but I guess not.


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