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Re: Italy quake: L'Aquila's new public hospital

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With respect, I have heard no comparison of design vs event.

Current US standard practice may not be reflective of design/construction
requirements in Italy at that time. It was not long ago that seismic design
philosophy on this side of the pond underwent a radical shift, essentially,
saying that everything done before is not as good as it could be. It took
even longer for California to legally respond to that state-of-the-art
knowledge. As I understand it, there is a substantial inventory of buildings
waiting for retrofit work.

Perhaps the hospital was evacuated due to concerns based on cosmetic damage
... and exacerbated by the appraisal of an available architect.


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> I agree with Paul on 1 and 2, but not on 3
> As is standard practice here in California, hospitals (with patients, not
> office or admin buildings) should remain available for immediate occupancy
> after major seismic event, not simply collapse prevention. If this hospital
> is really only 9 years old, then something's wrong (code, engineer,
> architect, inspection/ code enforcement, or construction quality or some
> combination of them all),
> -gm

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