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RE: ACI 318 Appendix D

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Why doesn't the ACI code committee just write a provision at the beginning of
Appendix D that says you have to either have a doctorate and a lot of free
time or purchase DS Anchor if you want to design anchor bolts?

Personally I liked the 94 UBC. 

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Subject: Re: ACI 318 Appendix D

We start resembling lawyers looking for loopholes.  From the structural
standpoint, the thru bolts in pullout are essentially the same thing as the
cast-in bolts.  
So, I will not be surprised to see them included in the next edition or some
V. Steve Gordin, SE
Irvine CA

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	In our office, we through-bolt all our concrete anchors and avoid
Appendix D entirely.


	One engineer in our office has a detail where he attaches the heads
of his anchor bolts to chains which are in turn fastened to large chunks of
Iron dropped in the bottom of the concrete pour, all to avoid Appendix D.


	"We don't need no stinkin' Appendix D".



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	Subject: ACI 318 Appendix D


	O.K., I've beaten my head against the wall long enough. I've decided
that a post-installed anchor won't work in tension for anything I design.


	I feel better now.



	T. William (Bill) Allen, S.E.


	Consulting Structural Engineers
	 V (949) 248-8588 * F(949) 209-2509


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