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RE: tilt elevator panels

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         I think our plant-cast precast walls have never been used down to the bottom of an elevator pit - the cast-in-place concrete sub always pours stem walls and our panels sit at or just below grade. Also many elevators are far enough inside a building, there is no water in the ground to seep into the shaft.
         However, grout is the same cementitious product as concrete. it should be as water-tight if placed well (a big if). There have been occasions where our panels held back considerable dirt and there was great concern about water intrusion into other parts of a structure than an elevator shaft. The solution has usually been a grout bed with the outside tooled deeply enough that waterproofing can be placed in it after the precast was set and before backfilling.
        I like the bentonite idea, too. It should be between two strips of grout on the twio sides of the wall as there should still be support for the wall - or something like that. And the tilt-up erector may (read probably) not have experience with that, so a training session requirement should be included.
        Is there no concern about water intrusion through the vertical joints between wall panels of the shaft. Grout is not usually used there. They're usually just waterproofed. Sometimes both sides.
     Jim Getaz
     Precast Concrete Engineer