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OT: Software For Custom Maps

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Please forgive the off-topic interjection, but as there's a good chance that someone here might have an idea on this score.

I need software to make custom maps of a small area of the world - that is to say, an area about the size of the typical suburb. The software would ideally have the following capabilities:

1) Show local political boundaries (town, city, county, school district, county subdistrict, etc.)
2) Show streets and roads, including the names thereof.
3) Be able to be updated (free or otherwise) as changes to the above features occur.
4) Be able to pinpoint accurately a location, given an address.
5) Be able to show fine coordinates such that one could use GPS for geolocation. 6) Be able to add markers for address locations that could be annotated with resident names, phone numbers, and other family information. 7) Be able to make all sorts of charts of the above data, including paper map printouts as well as graphical representations such as JPG. 8) Be able to link data from a simple database (Xbase, Microsoft Office, etc.) for easy input of batch data.

Thanks in advance!

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