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I Need California SE References

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I am, and have been for the last 4+ years, a licensed civil/ structural engineer in Ohio (which has a generic PE certification).  I have passed the NCEES SEI and NCEES SEII exams and have a Civil PE in California and Ohio.  I have been involved in structural design mostly in industrial facilities across the US (under the supervision of my boss, an SE in California), but I have a broad range of experience in design in high wind and moderate seismic areas.  
My predicament is that I live in Ohio and the only California SE that I know in Ohio who is familiar with my work is my boss and that many of the projects that I am involved in would classify as "other structures" or equipment platforms. California requires references from 3 SE's licensed in California.  I understand that I could gain references by having someone look over samples of my work and/or talking with me and then judging that he/she feels I am qualified to sit for this test. Would anyone with a California SE be willing to do this?

I put together a few sets of previously submitted calculations demonstrating experience in the areas required by the state of California and am more than willing to send them out to anyone willing to look over them in order that I can use them for a reference.  I am registering for the October 2009 exam and the deadline for registration in July 17th.  If someone will look over my calculations and respond back to me before July, I can probably still make the deadline and take the test.

Please contact me privately if you're willing.  Thanks.

Brian S Bossley, P.E.
7610 Olentangy River Rd
Columbus, OH 43235
(614) 847-1110 x 121 (ph)
(614) 847-1116  (fax)

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