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suspended ceiling / architectural components

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I posted a similar question a while back, but that was pre ASCE 7-05. I recall the consensus at the time was that only lights are allowed to swing with a 45 degree clear swing zone in high seismic zones .
I am looking at section 13.5 of ASCE 7-05. I am working on a Calif tenant improvement using Armstrong soundscape suspended ceiling panels. They are about 3.5'x6.5' weighing 50 pounds (2.2psf) each.
It seems to me that it is OK to hang these free to swing as long as swinging does not incur consequential damage per 13.2.3? The manufacturer states it is not recommended to restrain these and that testing has shown that they will not swing more than 18" in any direction due to earthquake, that would mean that they need to be 3' apart, I have a call into the rep.
Are there limitations for other to free-to-swing suspended elements or ceiling type assemblies as long as it complies with 13.5 and you could calculate how much it would swing.  What is the difference between an architectural component and a suspended ceiling? I don't understand the 1000sf limitation of What does this mean for areas less than 1000sf?