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RE: High Mast Light Pole Anchor Bolts

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Title: Re: High Mast Light Pole Anchor Bolts

Just passing on a note that the utility industry typically does not grout below baseplates.  There must, of course, be double nuts on the anchors and the protuding part of the anchors must be kept short enough to limit anchor bending, but ungrouted baseplates are common.


Bob Garner, S.E.


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Subject: Re: High Mast Light Pole Anchor Bolts



                I like Daryl’s analysis and comments. I’d add that it is very easy for grout to be placed poorly under a baseplate. I do not know how one would pressure grout in a way that ensures that the entire area of the baseplate is filled, especially with such a thin space. I would not regrout with the pole in its current position.