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RE: concrete reinforcing steel

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Title: Re: concrete reinforcing steel
ACI 318 has required A706 (aka "weldable" bar) for seismic use for quite a while.  As an alternative, you can use A615 if the ratio of ultimate to yield is less than 1.25 and as long as the actual yield is not more than 18 ksi higher than specified.  I am pretty sure the same provisions were in the 1997 UBC (too lazy to dig it out at the moment to check) and I would assume that CA does not modify that provision when they adopted the IBC (and thus ACI 318-05 by reference).  See chapter 21 of ACI 318.  So of this might have changed a hair as I was using my 2002 ACI 318...again too lazy to go find the 2005.
Adrian, MI

From: Jim Getaz [mailto:jgetaz(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Thursday, May 07, 2009 8:49 AM
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Subject: Re: concrete reinforcing steel


                We have been getting 60 ksi bars of all diameters for the same price as 40 ksi for maybe as long as 20 years. Our suppliers tell us the only reason they still differentiate between Gr 60 regular and Gr 60 weldable is that they can demand a higher price for the weldable. But the bars may be from the same heat. That is, most of the rebar here today is Gr 60 weldable.

                I would hope that the extra ductility of weldable bar would be available in California where it could do some good resisting an earthquake, not just here.

        Jim Getaz

        Winchester, Virginia