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RE: wood design programs

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Paul, in answer to your questions, WoodWorks Shearwalls automatically calculates wind and seismic loads, and then distributes them based on both rigid and flexible diaphragm assumptions, and designs the Shearwalls based on perforated and segmented construction.  The rigid distribution considers torsion effects for both seismic and wind as per ASCE7-05.  It doesn’t currently consider extra requirements for code defined “irregular structures”.


It is only a shear wall program and therefore currently does not design the diaphragms.  And although you can manually assign relative rigidities to some or all shearlines to accommodate “non -IBC/NDS –shearwall”, there is no direct way to model steel elements.




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what is the consensus on a good wood design program for lateral force design. i am looking for something that can do rigid diaphragm analysis, perforated shear wall design, accomodate irregular geometries and torsion, system offsets between levels, and model steel elements that could be part of the system.  is woodworks a good program or is there something better.


thanks for your response.


paul franceschi, s.e.