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RE: concrete reinforcing steel

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Just a correction  :  Ratio of actual ultimate tensile strength to actual yield strength must be greater than 1.25 (i.e. increased ductility) not less than.


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Subject: RE: concrete reinforcing steel

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ACI 318 has required A706 (aka "weldable" bar) for seismic use for quite a
while.  As an alternative, you can use A615 if the ratio of ultimate to
yield is less than 1.25 and as long as the actual yield is not more than 18
ksi higher than specified.  I am pretty sure the same provisions were in the
1997 UBC (too lazy to dig it out at the moment to check) and I would assume
that CA does not modify that provision when they adopted the IBC (and thus
ACI 318-05 by reference).  See chapter 21 of ACI 318.  So of this might have
changed a hair as I was using my 2002 ACI 318...again too lazy to go find
the 2005.


Adrian, MI

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