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re: PDFs

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Thanks for the Snapshot tool advice, I always pasted that into MS Word, did not know you could print directly from that. That is very useful.
Also, for those who may not know, you can download Cute PDF for free and print anything as a PDF. It shows up on your print pull down as if it was a printer, so you can print from any program. I find this very useful for contracts, reports, etc. that you want to send to someone and have it uneditable. Another use for it is if you pay any bills online, make travel plans, whatever, and don't want to waste paper, print the screen as a PDF and save it on your hard drive, then you have a receipt and it is not much memory. This can also work very well if you have a MS Word doc with lots of pics in it, this can end up being a very large file size, just print as a PDF. I also use it all the time when doing research online, you can save any technical info into your library by printing it as a PDF.
Sorry, I use this everyday, probably preaching to the choir.......
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