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I’m a power Acrobat user, too, but one of my great disappointments with the program has always been its inability to scale drawings or print to scale.  It sounds like you’re doing it, though, so obviously I’m missing something.  What’s the secret?




Gordon Goodell


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On May 14, 2009, at 10:28 AM, Jordan Truesdell, PE wrote:

> s for PDF - avoid Adobe if you want to print anything other than
> full sheets at 100%. You can't define a print area, and you can't
> define anything but 100% or scale-to-fit for output.

Acrobat lets you do all these things and a helluva lot more. Acrobat
Reader (the free one) won't. I use Acrobat all the time for
transmittals. totally faithful reproduction form MS Word and all the
graphics software I have. Acrobat also does security and scales
drawings and lets you copy pieces of graphics (as vector graphics)
and text if the document security setting allows it. Acrobat has
saved me its cost hundreds of times over. It's like Photoshop for

As you know I'm a Machead which conveys additional benefits with
PDF's. I can generate pdfs from any document or software that prints
with a tab on the Print dialog. The 'Preview' utility also reads
pdf's directly and prints. All this without having to buy Acrobat or
download Acrobat Reader.

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