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On May 14, 2009, at 2:06 PM, Gordon Goodell wrote:

I’m a power Acrobat user, too, but one of my great disappointments with the program has always been its inability to scale drawings or print to scale. It sounds like you’re doing it, though, so obviously I’m missing something. What’s the secret?
Again, I'm a Mac user which is the context for all this. If I want to scale a drawing I use the Page Set-up menu selection to scale it to my heart's content. That's what I'd call printing to scale. I've never noticed if I can scale the hard copy with a ruler or some sort, but that's never been an issue for me. If someone else wants to scale my printed hard copy, too bad. They should use the specified dimensioning. Over here on engineering's dark side, scaling drawings is considered bad taste.

If I need to scale something I use the Tools Menu > Measuring > Distance and scale on screen. If the drawing has been reduced there's a dialog box to provide proper scale found by by measuring a known feature and equating the page dimension to a known design dimension. It's not any more accurate than it needs to be, but it's plenty good enough.

For printing parts of documents there are options on the Print dialog for printing just pieces of a pdf. Zoom in on the piece you want in the screen view and click the 'Current View' radio button on the print dialog. You can also use the crop tool, but I expect you'll need to be careful how you save the pdf when you're done to keep the changes from being permanent.

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