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AW: Welding mild steel to stainless?

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Hi Ralph,
i cannot give the detailed spec of the steel without looking into my literature, but it has to have a big share of chromium and nickel.
mild steel and stainless steel can be welded together. You have to "buffer" the mild steel side with some layers of "stainless steel welding neats".
I would say, galvanizing and stainless steel together will cause some problems, cause the more precious metal will use the less precious metal as "victim cathode", as we say in Germany. 
The last question, I cannot answer, cause I dont know the US- nomination of the steel.
Alfred in Germany


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Betreff: Welding mild steel to stainless?

Helpful colleagues, 

I am designing a steel window frame, about 8' wide by 6' tall, with a steel frame and 3 interior vertical mullions that divide it into 4 window sections.  It will be encased in 44 pieces of carved limestone mortared together and connected with stainless steel pins epoxied into holes drilled in the limestone, per the manufacturer's typical details.  We are considering using stainless steel for the 3 interior mullions, and perhaps for some other parts of the frame, to avoid rusting.  I have a couple of questions: 

How should the stainless steel be specified?  

Can mild steel and stainless be welded together?  Any special requirements for that welding? 

If we wanted to hot-dip galvanize the mild steel would it be a concern that part of the assembly is stainless?  Is stainless compatible with galvanizing? 

I'm assuming that stainless is at least as strong as A36 steel, so I'm using that as the basis of my design.  Is that reasonable? 

This isn't a hugely critical structural, but we would prefer that it not rust for a few decades. 

Thanks very much for your help. 

Ralph in California

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