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Christopher Wright P.E. wrote:

<<Again, I'm a Mac user which is the context for all this. If I want to
scale a drawing I use the Page Set-up menu selection to scale it to
my heart's content. That's what I'd call printing to scale. I've
never noticed if I can scale the hard copy with a ruler or some sort,
but that's never been an issue for me. If someone else wants to scale
my printed hard copy, too bad. They should use the specified
dimensioning. Over here on engineering's dark side, scaling drawings
is considered bad taste.>>


Maybe it’s a Mac thing.  I can’t find a page set-up menu.


All I want, bad taste or not, is to print the D sheets I get from architects at 1/8” scale (usually) on 11x17.  I’m sick of having D sheets all over my desk.  But Acrobat will not print at 50%.  It only prints “fit to page,” which is about 44 - 47% when reducing 24x36 to 11x17.  I don’t need to be terribly accurate, but I want to scale areas for wind loading, trib, etc quickly...directly off 11x17 with my trusty scale.


I use the CutePdf writer when I make .pdfs, and I can make them to any scale, but once they’re created I don’t know how to use CutePdf to plot at some other scale.  For example, my deliverables are usually D sheets, but for my files and for site visits I want the same thing at 50% on 11x17.  I’ve been using an Acrobat plug-in called Mapsoft Content Scaler, with which I can scale the entire .pdf and save it as a new file, but I have to scale, then crop white space, ...  It’s a pain.  This all seems like it should be much simpler; that’s why I’m convinced I must be missing something.


Thanks for your thoughts, all of you .pdf users.




Gordon Goodell