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On May 14, 2009, at 3:36 PM, Gordon Goodell wrote:

Maybe it’s a Mac thing.  I can’t find a page set-up menu.
Could be--maybe your pages scaling is somewhere else. My copy of Adobe always scales to fit my printer anyway, and somehow it usually knows whether to make it landscape or portrait orientation. I can only do A size with my printer. You may also have a Postscript issue with your printer. Hard to imagine, though, since my Apple Personal Laserwriter is about 15 years old. Probably older than yours, whatever kind you have. I've heard from time to time (gossip, not proof) that Windows sometimes has driver issues which I've never had with a Mac. Dunno why.

All I want, bad taste or not, is to print the D sheets I get from architects at 1/8” scale (usually) on 11x17. I’m sick of having D sheets all over my desk. But Acrobat will not print at 50%. It only prints “fit to page,” which is about 44 - 47% when reducing 24x36 to 11x17.
Seems odd. On my printer dialog there are 4 radio buttons in a group where I can select the current view to print only a piece of the drawing (Current view) or a pop-up menu to scale a large drawing up and down (Page Scaling). Hard to imagine why they'd be left off the Windows version. I've heard some Mac users complaining that the Windows version is better, not less capable.

I don’t need to be terribly accurate, but I want to scale areas for wind loading, trib, etc quickly...directly off 11x17 with my trusty scale.
On the Tools>Measuring menu there's an Area measure for doing just that.

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