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I just checked out Design Review 2010. It looks great.
My local printing service charges a conversion file if you send them pdfs to print, so it is actually a bit cheaper to print from dwf's.
As I understand it mac users can use McDwiff There is a small fee and you have to upload the dwf to autodesk servers. Not sure if mac users would like the dwf format better than pdfs?

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Sent: Friday, May 15, 2009 8:28 AM
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Subject: RE: PDFs

Should I even mention DWF?  J Can do everything a PDF can do and more, particularly when it comes to drawings produced in AutoCAD.  Plus, Design Review is free, easy to use and extremely powerful.  We’ve actually had some success getting contractors and other consultants to use it for review, comments, markups and shop drawings.


Doug Mayer, SE

Structural Engineer


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Not at all. After having missing lines on an Acrobat plot last job, we're going to eval BB on the next job (prints later today). The advertised markup capabilities sound like they kick Adobe's butt. We'll see. I learned of IrfanView on this board, and now I find it indispensable.


Tripp Howard wrote:

At the risk of sounding like a BlueBeam fanboy, BlueBeam can do all of this.  You can:

  1. Print at any custom scale you choose.
  2. Print a "window" of one detail off a sheet of details at 50% on whatever paper size you like.
  3. Digitally sign/certify prints.
  4. Save a .pdf to .tiff (although I'm not sure at what dpi)
  5. Print high quality pdfs directly from AutoCAD




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