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Re: Anybody Know About Ladders?

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Stan Caldwell wrote:
Sorry to hear your news. When layoffs reach Texas, it is a sure sign that things are terrible nationwide. I am surprised that WJE has a shrinking backlog. With so much of their work being forensic and expert witness stuff, I would have expected them to be growing during this recession. I know that you have a big network of contacts and colleagues in the Houston area. Get off the list and get on the phone! Also, you used to have your own structures shop in Katy. Why not resurrect it? I have expanded my group 77% since the first of the year, all driven by massive highway bridge design work that is entirely unrelated to federal funding. About a month ago, I finally stopped hiring. Everybody else in the Dallas area seems to be laying off.

Stan, I haven't worked for WJE since 2006. I have been in the "petrochem/refining" sector since that time.

Believe me, I'm such a fast typer, "being on the list" takes no time at all. I heart Multi-tasking Computer Operating Systems.

As we "speak," I'm uploading a resume to a local "engineering jobs" website, and working on an Autocad drawing for said platform. (For which recommendation of an extension ladder is a very good call, btw).

I would like to go back in bid-ness for myself, but I don't think I can make the kind of money I need, since we're rearing our three grandchildren now.

I may well consider going back to TxDOT bridge work - one good thing about being a jack-of-all-trades. If Halff needs anyone down this way, I'm not cheap but I'm good.


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