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RE: Nailer on Masory Wall

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I believe that cross grain bending is not allowed in any situation that I know of.
We have previously connected the joist to the anchor bolt connecting the nailer to the CMU wall thus having a direct load path from the joist to the wall.
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From: Doug Mayer [mailto:doug.mayer(--nospam--at)]
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Subject: Nailer on Masory Wall

Situation:  typical nailer on top of a cmu wall.  Joists bearing on nailer and ties (H2.5) connecting joist to nailer for uplift.

Problem: DSA (California) backcheck comment believes that cross-grain bending of the nailer needs to be avoided and to design direct connection to cmu wall.


I have never seen the code address cross-grain bending in anything other than lateral anchorage of masonry/concrete walls to diaphragms.  Does the code somewhere specify that cross-grain bending in this situation is not allowed?  Any help would be appreciated.




Doug Mayer, SE

Structural Engineer

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