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RE: Concrete veneer

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I agree. This is the way for the OP's clients to achieve their goal. Google "smooth stucco" or "EIFS". Be careful with EIFS, though. There are problems if it is done wrong (and possibly even if it's done right). Craftsmanship is the key to both applications. Maybe we will see a resurrection of craftsmanship with the latest economic "adjustment". One can only hope.



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Isn't this what we normally call "stucco"? 


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I'm working on an (E) 2-story residential remodel in Laguna Beach, CA.  On
the exterior walls, the homeowner would like to see a concrete veneer.  In
other words, the homeowner wants to have the look of a concrete wall without
demo'ing the (E) stud walls and CMu walls and building (N) concrete walls.
Is it possible to achieve the concrete look by applying concrete to the
outisde? if so, is there a typical procedure to add the concrete veneer to
an (E) stud wall or an (E) cmu wall?  do we apply a wire mesh to the (E)
walls and spray the concrete on?  What should be the minimum thickness of
the concrete veneer?  Is it a good idea to use a light weight concrete?

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