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Re: High Mast Light Pole Design

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        There probably is/are solution(s) for this situation; and my experience with floor leveling toppings is that they do bond quite well for REINFORCED concrete floors.  That said, why not see what the contractor can propose, particularly when he is under the threat of having to demo and replace the slab?
        I think, for liability purposes, it would be better if the Contractor (or his engineer) were on record for proposing the fix even if it was you who put the idea in his head.
H. Daryl Richardson
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Subject: RE: High Mast Light Pole Design

score, tap/epoxy dowels @ 24? o.c. staggered and use a bonding agent over the entire surface? then pour the rest of concrete and double up your control joint locations for insane amount of cracking that will still occur, and problem solved!


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Can't we just pour another layer on top...I don't see the problem.



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Elevated one-way P/T slab designed for 7" thickness.  ACI 117 has a tolerance of -0.25 in.  Measured thickness as constructed of 6.00" to 6.50", with parts of the slab as thin as 5.13".  This is an area of about 3,000 sf in a parking structure on a tight schedule, where all surfaces will be visually exposed.  A decision will be made manana.





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So what happened at the jobsite?