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AUTOCAD: Extracting 2D Section from 3D Frame Model

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First of all, you'd think this would be among the simplest of things to do, but I declare to you that I've spent two hours searching the Autocad help files AND the web with no luck. Everything I find has to do with 3D SOLIDS modeling.

I have a relatively simple 3D frame - just four columns connected by girders and some floor framing at the top of the "box." I just want to be able to show ONLY the plan, and ONLY one elevation view at a time, in a viewport.

You'd think there'd be a simple "near and far clipping planes" setting that would allow you to do this, but I don't see it. As it is, you are obliged to show everything from a certain view.

There's the "elevation" command. If you could give the elevation in a view, then tell it how far from the reference "elevation" below and above it, that would work, but again, I don't see it.


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