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Re: AUTOCAD: Extracting 2D Section from 3D Frame Model

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Scott Maxwell wrote:
Are you trying to do a section (i.e. cut through some items) or an
elevation/plan (no "cutting" through anything)?

I don't know if AutoCAD can do the former...I believe that is kind of why
Revit exists.  You should be able to do a viewport of the model and only
show a "plan" or "elevation" view of the model, but you might need to "turn
some stuff off" (i.e. put some things that you don't want shown on a layer
and turn that layer off).

The first is what I'm trying to do, and it surprises me to hear that I'd have to go through Revit. I'd think that was such a low-level function that it would exist in Autocad for Revit's use, rather than the other way around.

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