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Simple Shear tab connection

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I seek advice and opinions from connection experts.
We have simple routine detailing job with various types of connections.
One set of connections consists of beams connected to the flange of the  column with a simple shear tab.
Since calcs were included in scope, as is my customary practice (which I followed for so many years without any issues from the approving engineer), I made a calculation summary and presented a table showing:

1)Beam location
2)Beam size
3)Beam span
4)Beam 1/2 udl capacity per Aisc manual.
4)Shear tab thickness (3/8" mostly even if 1/4" or 5/16" was enough per Aisc)
6)Number of bolts in single shear connecting the beam web to the shear tab (usually numbers required for a full depth connection)
7)Bolt dia (3/4, 7/8 or 1")
8)Bolt specn (A325N or A490N)
9)Fillet weld size (for weld connecting shear tab to the column flange)
10)The reaction considered for the connection (either 1/2 udl or the supplied value)
11)The connection capacity per Table 10-9A of Aisc 13th Edition.
The table showed that the capacities under 11) above were always more than the reaction considered under 10)
The approver has remarked that I need to show calcs for bolt bearing on the plate, shear yielding of the plate, shear rupture of the plate, block shear and weld shear and is refusing to review the dwgs until this is done.
I am taking the stand that the Aisc table 10-9a considers all the above while listing the connection strength and that no calcs are needed for the above since I have adopted the plate thickness and weld size also from the same table 10-9a
Am I right?
The engineer has marked up some of my reaction values as he is not okay with half udl reactions.
I am taking care of the revised reaction values and revising the details where necessary but am not willing to submit any further calcs.

Will the savants on this list and also some one from Aisc back me up on this ? I am going to quote the last paragraph on Page 10-04 of the thirteenth edition in support of my stand.