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Enercalc 6-2D Frame Analysis question

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Enercalc 6-2D Frame Analysis question

Sir, Please always contact ENERCALC technical support as we can provide the
and most accurate assistance available. We can clarify your input errors
and investigate for unknown errors asap.

Please respond to us directly at support(--nospam--at) We do not monitor
this list.

Michael D. Brooks, S.E.
ENERCALC Technical Services

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From: "Nguyen, Phuong" <PNguyen(--nospam--at)>
To: "seaint(--nospam--at)" <seaint(--nospam--at)>
Subject: Enercalc 6-2D Frame Analysis question

I using the 2-D Frame Analysis of Enercalc 6.22 to analyze and design a por=
tal frame. One bay 20', 10' high. Input done, when "Recalc is complete" I c=
lick Member Check Results-->Stress Check Resuts, it shows "No stress", but =
the status is "PASS". The steel Details tab shows nothing. Member Forces wa=
s calculated and results show on Member Forces tab. I check the help line t=
o go to a instructional video for the fast frame but it was removed. I wond=
er if any of you have experienced this hiccup and how you solve it. Appreci=
ate very much.
Phuong Nguyen

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