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RE: Pt slab, opening

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Yes it is possible to make reasonably large openings in P/T Slabs without a lot of reinforcing. I find it useful to locate the opening carefully to cause the least amount of distress in the slab. Splitting the openings into a number of smaller openings to avoid damaging P/T strands works well. Another option is to locate the opening parallel to the uniform tendons away from the banded tendons. This avoids the banded tendons and you can typically squeeze fairly long openings in between the uniform tendons without cutting any strands. However, you need to make sure that there is adequate amount of concrete around the opening to allow the stresses to be redistributed. You also should evaluate the local conditions behind the opening to ensure that there is sufficient bottom steel to allow the forces to be transferred to the edges of the opening. In case you need to cut/de-tension strands it may trigger additional reinforcing. You can cast new anchors at the edge of the openings and stress the strands on both sides. Local reinforcing around the opening can be added to allow the forces to be transferred locally around the opening.

Hopefully, this gives you a few pointers. Good luck in your endeavor.

Pawan Gupta

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Subject: RE: Pt slab, opening

Thanks for correcting me as to the method of determining the tendons
locations, x-ray should have been untrasound, but I am more interested if a
1ft wide x 10 ft section of slab within the PT slab can be removed, w/out
comprimising the integrint.

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