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RE: Recommendation for Special CE Exam

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When I took them a couple years ago, I found some of the various review books that offers to be useful.
For surveying, I used the "Surveying Principles for Civil Engineers" as well as their "120 Solved Surveying Problems" and "Civil Surveying Sample Exams".  The first one was the main one that helped me...but I also used the other two to get an idea of what some problems might look like.
For seismic, I probably found their sample exam book and seismic problems book to be more useful than the "review"/"comprehensive" book, but all helped some.  The real thing is to make sure you know the particular, where things are in the code.
In general, the surveying was a lot easier than I thought it would be...the only reason I thought it might be tough was because I had not used any of my surveying class stuff since college.  But, the surveying questions were generally more "trig" type questions along with some basic surveying type stuff (which the first book I mentioned really dealt with just fine).
I was way less worried about the seismic exam...especially after having dealt with the Struct II exams and WA Struct III exams I had dealt with.  It is fairly basic seismic stuff.  So, if you do seismic design on a daily basis, you likely should not have too much of an issue with it.
Adrian, MI

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Subject: Recommendation for Special CE Exam


In order to get registered as a PE in California, I am required to take the Special CE examination. It covers topics in seismic design and civil surveys. My examination is scheduled in October 09. I would like to study one or two books which would cover all the subjects in the examination.

Please make recommendations. Thanks.