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Re: Willamette StrucJoist capacity

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Your concerns are valid.  The ends were exposed after the wrapping blew off over the las 6 years and have grayed and swelled over the years.  The center portions of these joists are covered by another pallet and may still be usable.  The joists onsite are 40 feet long, we only need 28 feet.  We won't whether we can use these joists and any spacing until we see what they look like.  They be usable, they be bonfire candidates.

Tom Skaggs wrote:

Willamette Industries was purchased by Weyerhaeuser, your local iLevel representative may be able to answer your question.


FWIW, 6 year old I-joist “sitting outside partially covered” would make me nervous and all kinds of red flags would be raised.  Of course, the definition of “partially covered” can vary significantly, so the joists may be perfectly suitable.





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Subject: Willamette StrucJoist capacity


Same post with additional info..

I have a rehab project in remote Alaska where we are considering on using some Willamette Struc Joists that are locally available (sitting outside partially covered for the last 6 years).  They are 16" deep and the flanges are a "Microllam/Versalam" 2" wide by 1 3/8" deep.  I need the allowable total and live loads for 28 foot and 30 foot spans.  On the flanges there is a faded mark that reads "SJ-250W PFC57".  The last few letters and numbers are hard to read.