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RE: Structural stuff on TV

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Title: Design for Passion

Cast of Characters:
Bianca, SE (Angelina Jolie)
Stiker,SE (Brad Pitt)
Ivana, Architect Certified Extreme Eco-Green Environmentally Responsible
(Daryl Hannah)
Mr. Maitland the Greedy Developer (Donald Trump)
Gerardo the Plans Examiner (Geraldo Rivera)
Mr. Grant  the Chief Plans Examiner (Tony Hawk)

Time: Present

Place: Melrose Place

Setting: It's a time of prosperity. The people have developed an insatiable
need for engineered design to satisfy their ever growing boredom with
performance enhancing drug tainted sporting events and action movies lacking
in special effects enhancements. They crave more. More plans - extremely
detailed plans. Plans designed for extreme loads and conditions certified by
extremely sexy engineers with extreme passions for their work ... and other

ACT I - The Office
Our stars Angelina and Brad are in their downtown Chicago office

Dambit Striker it's not extreme enough. One more submission like this and
I'm going to have to let you go.  Mr. Maitland asked for extreme and we're
going to give it to him! After all, he did pay us $5 million for the most
extreme design.

Bianca I don't understand. I engineered these beams for maximum extremeness.
Just look at the enormity of the cement and the shear. Anyway, you can't let
me go and you no it.

(The two fall to the floor in each other's arms - Cut to Mr. Maitland's

Secretary 1
Mr. Maitland here's your coffee

Mr. Maitland
(Sips his coffee and promptly spits it out)  Your fired.

(turns to the intercom)  Somebody bring me the Grandiose Spa plans STAT! And
tell that planning commission I'm going to give them that $50 million.

(Cut to the DOBS)

If you think I'm going to certify this you're crazy. I have seen alot of
extreme designs and this, well, let's you better hope Mr. Grant doesn't see

Do you know what Mr. Maitland paid for this engineered design. He can buy
and sell your ass. Besides (Bianca grabs Gerardo's tie) when have you ever
been able to say no to me before?

I'm sure we can work out the rest of these details during the construction
phase. be continued

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Subject: Structural stuff on TV

For those interested, there was some structural engineering content in the
latest episode of "In Plain Sight" on the USA Network.  The episode had a
brief portion where the one character talked about statics and statically
determinate trusses...too bad the character sketched out statically
indeterminate truss to illustrate his point...and claimed that all trusses
are statically determinate.  I do not recall if they called the guy a
structural engineer or bridge engineer or what.


Adrian, MI

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