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RE: OSHPD Requirements for Surgical Lights

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Keith is correct, the service design criteria is very important in these
cases and often controls the design if you are doing odd connections
trying to avoid the typical clutter in an OR ceiling. Lots of bracing is
key (pay attention to torsion with the brace layout) and any type of
cantilever design should be avoided if possible.  If you are installing
into the underside of concrete or filled deck then another area to look
at first is post installed anchors per appendix D, you may end up with a
pretty healthy bolt pattern at each support depending on your brace
geometry and equipment requirements.  If you can go straight to
structural steel you are lucky.  Furthermore, if you have a flexible
diaphragm and or wood structure you will likely be earning your fee!

In response to your original question in case someone has not answered
it already; I believe ASCE 7-05 section 13.3.1 does specify a vertical
component of +/- 0.2 SDS*Wp.  Sorry if this has been answered already, I
am in digest mode and miss posts often.

Also, if you are doing much OSHPD equipment anchorage make sure you are
familiar with Special Seismic Certification (SSC) for equipment under
CAN 2-1708A.5.  You can see all CANs on the OSHPD website.  

Good luck,

Donny Harris, SE 

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