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ASCE Presidential Election

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ASCE Members:
Voting in the 2010 ASCE Presidential Election commences on Monday, June 15.  I am writing to urge you to vote for Kathy Caldwell.  I have had the pleasure of serving with Kathy on the ASCE Executive Committee, Board of Direction, and Strategic Planning Committee.  Based on this experience, I know that she will be a terrific ASCE President.  Four traits stand out:
(1) Values – She consistently does the right thing, even if it occasionally goes against the grain.
(2) Leadership – She listens, thinks, and then speaks … in that order.
(3) Passion – If anyone has ever had more ASCE blood in their veins, I have yet to meet them.
(4) Fun – She makes even the most tedious ASCE service enjoyable for everyone around her.
I therefore believe that Kathy Caldwell will be an excellent steward of ASCE over the next three years.  I have formally endorsed her candidacy.  So has ASCE's Structural Engineering Institute (SEI) and Engineering Mechanics Institute (EMI).  Kathy is the only candidate who is a structural engineer, and she has no misrepresentations whatsoever in the materials posted on her campaign website.
You can visit her campaign website at:
You can listen to her audio interview podcast at:
And most importantly, you can vote for her at:
DISCLAIMER: While Kathy and I share the same excellent surname, we are related only by friendship and have never worked for the same employer.
Stan R. Caldwell, P.E., SECB, F.ASCE
ASCE Executive Committee, 11/07-11/08
ASCE Board of Direction, 10/05-11/08
Chair, ASCE Technical Region, 10/05-11/08