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RE: OSHPD Requirements for Surgical Lights

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Thanks. Of course, we have similar provisions in Canadian code for essential
facilities. However, I am curious why the OR lights have been described to
have service connection/support characteristics that would typically exceed
the essential service requirements.

Is there something special about these lights and the service support
requirements or is it simply an issue that by the time you accomplish an
adequate support design due to other considerations, the design will exceed
any rational (or irrational) expectations and code requirements?

Paul Ransom, P.Eng.
ph 905 639-9628
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> From: Larry Hauer <lhauer(--nospam--at)>

> Essential facilities in California require special considerations.

> Larry Hauer S.E.

>> Not having done any OR lighting support=2C I have to ask the question ...
>> Why are these so special?

>> Regards
>> Paul

>>> From: "Donny Harris" <dharris(--nospam--at)>
>>> Keith is correct=2C the service design criteria is very important in these
>>> cases and often controls the design if you are doing odd connections
>>> trying to avoid the typical clutter in an OR ceiling. Lots of bracing is
>>> key (pay attention to torsion with the brace layout) and any type of
>>> cantilever design should be avoided if possible. If you are installing
>>> ...

>>> Donny Harris=2C SE=3D20
>>> California

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