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RE: Unreinforced Adobe Brick in California? Really?

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Do you know if the house is currently intact, or did it get demolished?
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The key statement "located in a remote section of Riverside County" says it all.
Maybe the house was for the inlaws........
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I saw a set of plans today which depict a single family structure apparently constructed from adobe brick. The drawings indicate a full basement and the walls consisting of 4" H x 12" L x 16" W adobe brick. There is horizontal steel (2-#2) at "Every Four Courses", but no vertical steel. The date of the drawings is 1977 and they are signed by a S.E.


Is this possible? I mean, I know it's possible that I saw the drawings, but is it possible that this type of construction was permissible in the 1970's? The structure is located in a remote section of Riverside County, so code enforcement could have been "less than optimum".


I'm just wondering what I'm missing.





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