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RE: Ladders

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Title: Ladders
Jim what are you basing this on?  I was just looking at, and the ladder standards in 29 CFR Part 1910 look the same as they always did?
Bill Sherman

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Subject: Ladders

You will look in vain in the CFR nowadays for specifics from OSHA on ladder design. OSHA (and also regulators here in Washington State) currently just reference ANSI A14.3-2002 American National Standard for LaddersFixedSafety Requirement which is written by the American Ladder Institute. This has all the details and minimum loads and dimensions you used to be able to look up for free, only now it will cost you $87.50 to buy the 32 page 2002 standard.

ANSI has just issued a 2008 version of this standard for a whopping $375 and I hope hell freezes over before I have to buy a copy. I will forego my usual rant about citizens having to pay before they can learn what laws and regulations say (as in building codes.)

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