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re: radius of gyration

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Wow, I feel like such a fraud. 10 years doing structural engineering, 5+ as a PE, and I thought r= sq rt (I / A). And by the way, this is about all Gere and Timoshenko say in their Strength of Materials classic text...
What else do I need to know? I have too many other things to worry about and how does that help me detail a steel connection or coordinate with an architect...
I have a lot of respect for Christopher, but I think this young man will be just fine. I blew through the NCEES Structural 1 for my PE exam with nary a mention of the origin, proof, or anything else related to radius of gyration. Tons of retaining wall and foundation stuff though (weird).
 It takes all types, and I fully understand the importance of all the theorems and other nerdy stuff that PhD types love. But I prefer that my Calculus book stays on the shelf gathering dust while I wear out the AISC manual....
Andrew Kester, P.E.
Orlando, FL

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