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RE: Flexure vs. Cable Action in a solid rod.

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A suggestion – I’ve ran into EOR’s that held issues to some of my approaches, and often I’ve found it more economical and acceptable to formally obtain a second opinion (signed and sealed) than it is to upsize things..

See if the EOR is open to this approach… then find someone to review your calculations and write a letter stating that they agree with your assumptions and believe that the design is adequate (hopefully that is their findings!)


I’m sure any number of people on this list would be willing to help you out with this.

P.S. I’ve never paid more than $350 for this, and the contractor has always been willing to cover it – since it will ultimately save them money….


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Michael Gregory wrote:

The EOR has rejected my calculations as “a leap of faith”...

So, cables are "a leap of faith?"

Show him pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge.

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