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Re: Flexure vs. Cable Action in a solid rod.

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On Jun 23, 2009, at 11:06 AM, Richard Calvert wrote:

Well, you are, at that point, taking shared liability on for that portion of the structure – this added buffer for the EOR is the whole point of this approach.
Not to split hairs, but one who offers an opinion on the validity of some methodology isn't taking responsibility for the structure, only vouching that the methodology is reasonable--that the approach is prudent and demonstrably accords with good practice. Any opinion should limit itself to the requirements for design, not a particular embodiment which might be flawed for other reasons. That might not keep you from being named in a suit, since plaintiff counsel is trained to look for all the insurance policies they can find. But done right, the opinion will be clear enough to a jury or the plaintiff counsel so that it's not worth pursuing. Depending on how big your policy is, of course. Large settlements tend to trump logic.

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