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Re: Design Charts (was RE: Dallas Cowboys roof collapse)

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Stan Caldwell wrote:
It is true!  I am paid way too much!  That is why President Obama has me squarely in his cross-hairs.  By the time I die, I expect that he and his successors will have extracted every single dime.  Fortunately, neither of my kids will require any sort of inheritance.  They both are spectacularly successful in their mid-30s and have already joined me in the "bleed the rich" tax bracket.
Bill Polhemus wrote:

(Which is why the vast majority of us - Stan Caldwell excepted - think engineers aren't paid enough for this kind of thing).

N.B. Stan - I'M JUST KIDDING, OKAY!?!?!?!?
Mr. Obama is simply taking things away from you for your own good. You, Stan, need to be "redistributed."

I guess in the end, how much we make as engineers is moot, since we're all going to be "equal." (Though some, as Mr. Orwell reminds us, will always be more equal than others).
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