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Climate Change - Part 1 of 2

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Note:  I sent this post a few hours ago and it never made it.  Either (1) it was too long, or (2) the bureaucrats censored it.  Guessing that the first problem prevailed, I am reposting in two parts.  Here is Part 1:
Fellow List Subscribers:
Yesterday, I posted a link to a very interesting and disturbing newpaper article which provides an update on the structural collapse of the roof of the Dallas Cowboys practice facility.  For a while, this generated a number of thoughtful on-topic responses.  However, as happens too often on this List, the thread was eventually hi-jacked (thanks, Ralph) and wandered off into politics, Sweden, and eventually, global warming.
Since we are now entering the "dog days" of summer, it seems that off-topic subjects are once again of more interest than structural engineering subjects (perhaps this is true year 'round).  One of my favorite subjects is climate change.  First, let me state my bias:  If the cap & trade bill that was approved by the House last Friday is approved by the Senate later this year, our grandchildren will live their lives in a third-world nation (the USA in 2040).  Even worse, we will have blindly gone down this path for no apparent reason, because we will not have significantly affected the climate.
As some of you know, I served on the ASCE Board of Direction and Executive Committee through early last November.  Since then, to my great dismay, ASCE has jumped on Al Gore's bandwagon and is embracing and espousing the global warming doctrine.  ASCE presidents write a weekly blog.  In the past three years, the average blog has resulted in less than 1.0 responses.  Current ASCE President Wayne Klotz wrote blogs on climate change on June 8 and 22.  They have generated an astounding 65 and 19 responses so far, respectively, from concerned members.  About 76% of the responses have been negative.  Some are very negative, including one geotech that is so upset that he has included a link to his own blog entry "Makes Me Want To Vomit".  You can read all of this here:
Upset with ASCE's social activism, and anticipating action by the current Congress, I wrote a climate change article for various publications in May.  It is both brief and factual.  I am a structural engineer, not a climate scientist, but I can document each and every assertion in the article.  In fact, I did so earler this month for ENR.
Stan R. Caldwell, SECB, F.ASCE
HALFF Associates, inc.
Richardson, Texas
To be continued, in Part 2!