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Re: Update: Dallas Cowboys roof Collapse

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We do indeed have global warming at the present time, at least in the Northern Hemisphere.  The scientists are calling it SUMMER!

On Mon, Jun 29, 2009 at 6:22 PM, Bill Polhemus <bill(--nospam--at)> wrote:
Daryl Richardson wrote:

      There's nothing wrong with "average hard working citizens".  They just don't understand the problem or its implications.
Daryl, I hate to tell you this, but the vast majority of people do not believe in this. They believe it is a scam, and it is a simple thing to follow the money and see where it leads.

And it isn't simply the "great unwashed," as many like you would love to believe. It includes educated people, and even "scientists." Those who most want us to buy into this, and allow the "elites" of the world to lead us out of this terrible "crisis," have a great deal to gain in terms of power and money.

It is a sham, in my considered opinion. It is the same sort of sham that they tried to perpetrate on us back in the 70s when they told us a global ICE AGE was coming. There is no solid evidence of any of it, and nearly all the evidence they have put forth to "prove" it has been trumped-up, such as the now-infamous "hockey stick" graph.

A year ago, they told us that we were in a "ten-year plateau," and that the "warming" would resume after that time - this because the temperature readings weren't favorable for their case. Now, they're seizing on the current mid-U.S. heat wave to tell us that the warming has resumed. Well, which is it?

Whatever hits the news, that's what they go with. They are depending upon the gullibility of the people, and finding that people aren't that gullible.

I'm sorry you've fallen for it.

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