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Re: Climate Change - Part 1 of 2

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Stan Caldwell wrote:
Upset with ASCE's social activism, and anticipating action by the current Congress, I wrote a climate change article for various publications in May. It is both brief and factual. I am a structural engineer, not a climate scientist, but I can document each and every assertion in the article. In fact, I did so earler this month for ENR.
Here's the fundamental problem I have with ASCE: It is dominated by engineering consulting firms that have a vested interest in transfer payments - in this case, transfer from the taxpayers to their own firms via government at every level, Federal, state and local.

"Follow the money." You want to be a "beltway bandit" and garner confiscatory fees from the public purse that staggers the imagination? Then support ever-expanding government at every level. Make sure the government has more and more power, so that they can have even MORE excuses to take from the taxpayer and give...TO YOU!!!

"Global warming?" Why, if we can snooker the public on that score, the government will grow even more staggeringly, and we'll have even MORE money to gather from that free money tree!

Ad infinitum! Don't worry about "marketing" based on your product - all you have to do is continue to feed the coffers of the politicians, and you will gather a STAGGERING windfall, consulting for all those uncountable government agencies!

When ASCE starts talking about their "concern for the infrastructure," I want to throw up, because I know their tears are crocodilian.

(I want a time machine. I think I'll take a trip back to the 1890s or so).

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