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Re: Climate Change - Part 1 of 2

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Could you provide a link to the ENR article.  I would like to see the documentation.

Mark Johnson PE

--- On Mon, 6/29/09, Stan Caldwell <stancaldwell(--nospam--at)> wrote:

> From: Stan Caldwell <stancaldwell(--nospam--at)>
> Subject: Climate Change - Part 1 of 2
> To: "SEAINT Listserv" <seaint(--nospam--at)>
> Date: Monday, June 29, 2009, 6:12 PM
> Note:  I sent this post a few
> hours ago and it never made it.  Either (1) it was too
> long, or (2) the bureaucrats censored it.  Guessing that
> the first problem prevailed, I am reposting in two parts. 
> Here is Part 1:
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Fellow List Subscribers:
> Yesterday, I posted a link to a very interesting and
> disturbing newpaper article which provides an update on the
> structural collapse of the roof of the Dallas Cowboys
> practice facility.  For a while, this generated a number of
> thoughtful on-topic responses.  However, as happens too
> often on this List, the thread was eventually hi-jacked
> (thanks, Ralph) and wandered off into politics, Sweden, and
> eventually, global warming.
> Since we are now entering the "dog days" of
> summer, it seems that off-topic subjects are once again of
> more interest than structural engineering subjects (perhaps
> this is true year 'round).  One of my favorite subjects
> is climate change.  First, let me state my bias:  If the
> cap & trade bill that was approved by the House last
> Friday is approved by the Senate later this year, our
> grandchildren will live their lives in a third-world nation
> (the USA in 2040).  Even worse, we will have blindly gone
> down this path for no apparent reason, because we will not
> have significantly affected the climate.
> As some of you know, I served on the ASCE Board of
> Direction and Executive Committee through early last
> November.  Since then, to my great dismay, ASCE has jumped
> on Al Gore's bandwagon and is embracing and espousing
> the global warming doctrine.  ASCE presidents write a
> weekly blog.  In the past three years, the average blog has
> resulted in less than 1.0 responses.  Current ASCE
> President Wayne Klotz wrote blogs on climate change on June
> 8 and 22.  They have generated an astounding 65 and 19
> responses so far, respectively, from concerned members. 
> About 76% of the responses have been negative.  Some are
> very negative, including one geotech that is so upset that
> he has included a link to his own blog entry "Makes Me
> Want To Vomit".  You can read all of this here:
> Upset with ASCE's social activism, and anticipating
> action by the current Congress, I wrote a climate change
> article for various publications in May.  It is both brief
> and factual.  I am a structural engineer, not a climate
> scientist, but I can document each and every assertion in
> the article.  In fact, I did so earler this month for ENR.
> Regards,
> Stan R. Caldwell, SECB, F.ASCE
> HALFF Associates, inc.
> Richardson, Texas
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> To be continued, in Part 2!

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