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Re: Dallas Cowboys roof collapse

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Yes, it also applies to software.

We suggest to all users of our software that they should independently verify the software and make sure that the results they  are giving results they are in agreement with. That they are responsible for any design produced using the software. We also recommend that only experienced design engineers use it, not recent graduates. We are not listened to by most users.

Also, our software is developed by an engineer who has over 30 years experience in PT and RC design including 12 years full time PT design and who researches continuously on the topic and discusses design approaches with code committees to make sure the logic used in the software is in agreement with proper design logic and code intent. The result is a computer program that is far more accurate in its results than most designers would achieve by hand using normal design code rules for both RC and PT design. The same cannot be said for many (not all) design aids. But the engineer must verify which are acceptable if he is going to use them. Many do not.

At 06:22 AM 30/06/2009, you wrote:
Daryl Richardson wrote:
        I agree with your logic; but shouldn't it also extend to computer software?
Actually, it is rather the same thing: you've got to have an engineer who takes responsibility for what goes out the door, regardless of how the solution was arrived at.

A chart or table, canned software, what-have-you, someone has to be willing to say "yep, that's the answer."
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