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Re: Design Charts (was RE: Dallas Cowboys roof collapse)

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Read my reply to Daryl. I did not say all. But the designer must check the veracity of tables/span charts/software etc if he is going to use them commercially. He is responsible for the design, not the developer of the charts.

At 06:27 AM 30/06/2009, you wrote:
Please clarify this statement?  Do you run span tables for TJIs?  Do you use Simpson catalog for LTP4s?  Do you use AISC Steel manual charts for unbraced wide flanges?
I understand where you are coming from, but being an organization that provides ?span charts? for glulams, panels et cetera, it would strike me that SOME use of charts and tables greatly increase your productivity.  I?m also a firm believer in ?trust but verify?, but I?d certainly not claim to know more about hanger design than Simpson Strong-Tie.
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I cannot believe that an engineer being paid to "design" a building or a component of a building will not do his/her own calculations to justify the design of these types of elements, rather than picking a number from a table!.


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