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Re: Update: Dallas Cowboys roof Collapse

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On Jun 29, 2009, at 6:22 PM, Bill Polhemus wrote:

It is a sham, in my considered opinion. It is the same sort of sham that they tried to perpetrate on us back in the 70s when they told us a global ICE AGE was coming. There is no solid evidence of any of it, and nearly all the evidence they have put forth to "prove" it has been trumped-up, such as the now-infamous "hockey stick" graph.

Vanity Fair did a piece a while back comparing the most popular global warming contrarian views with the actual science that has been done. It's at < skeptic200705>. It's a very interesting exploration of the main contrarian dogma (including the significance of the 'hockey stick' ploy) as set forth by Myron Ebell, contrasted with actual science by climatologists.

The biggest tell-tale for me is the money trail--from the pockets of the fossil fuel business to an network of 'think tanks' like Myron Ebell's employer, The Competitive Enterprise Institute. Read all about it at <> None of the organizations in the network does any actual science, the money that the fossil fuel business throws at these outfits is pretty impressive.

Finally there's another rebuttal of most of the main points by the Union of Concerned scientists at < documents/global_warming/exxon_report.pdf>. This report ('Smoke Mirrors and Hot Air:…) is a interesting comparison of the use of the fossil fuels business and Exxon in particular to create the impression of a controversy to justify inaction on efforts to begin to address climate change. It's exactly the same sort of mock- scientific window dressing that big tobacco used to cover their lies about the addictive nature and the health risks of smoking. The Appendices have a breakdown of funding for the efforts of global warming contrarians and show a fascinating collection of e-mails outlining their strategy, many sent over Myron Ebell's signature.

Finally there's a response to 'Smoke Mirrors and Hot Air' <http://> put out by the Marshall Institute (another of the network of 'think tanks') expressing something like outrage that its motives are anything but benign.

Everyone knows my own stand on climate change, I'm sure. I spent a long time asking myself why we should be concerned with a 1 or 2 degree shift in the global average temperature or how something like that could even be measured accurately. Given the history of known human impact on the ecology, I think the scientific evidence is pretty compelling, although not the two-column proof demanded by contrarians. What I am convinced of is that going to renewable fuels (and nuclear, if the nuclear business can somehow regain the trust of the US voters) is a business opportunity like no other, with the incalculable benefits of getting us the hell away from imported or dirty energy. If we put our minds to it we could end the decline in US technical leadership and do everyone some good. The clincher comes when I look at the so-called controversy and I ask myself, 'Who benefits from lobbying for continued dependence on foreign oil, strip mining and the whole energy-business-as-usual mindset?' The answer to that is pretty simple.

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